The Women in My Life

A couple weeks ago, we had a ladies banquet at church to honor the women in our lives. Our pastor, Joel, asked us, as the men of the church, to say something about the woman in our lives. Since I don’t have “that special lady” as of yet, I chose to talk about some other special women in my life…my mom, my sister, and my grandma.

I had in my head that afternoon leading up the event that it would be easy for me to speak at length about what these women mean to me. There’s a couple of problems with that line of thinking. First, if I don’t have something prepared, I panic in front of crowds. I cannot just speak off the top of my head. Just ask the girls that were in Impact Worship Center’s youth group a couple years ago when i was asked to speak. I nearly knocked the stool over that I was to sit on just trying to form words. Second, I get emotional. That is definitely something I got from my dad. It doesn’t take much for me to form tears. Just ask anyone who’s heard me talk at length about my nieces and nephews or my soccer girls.

When it was my turn in front of everybody, I choked out about 3 sentences…hardly the justice and appreciation they deserve.

Mom and I playing Rock Band

Mom and I playing Rock Band

So, without further ado…

As I stated earlier, I don’t have “that special someone”. But I have some godly women who do everything they can to take care of me. When I am sick at home, my mom makes a WalMart run, brings things to my house, and will sit with me as long as it takes for her to feel like I’ll be ok. I had a blood sugar crash in April that put me down for a while, and my mom stayed with me at my house until 1:30am watching goofy stuff on NetFlix with me until I felt better. When I have a question about something I’m going

Jen helping Adelee ride

Jen helping Adelee ride

to wear when I’m trying to look nice, I can send pictures to my sister, and she’ll keep me from looking like a fool (well, more so than usual, ha). Jen also lets me come over to her house and see the kids when I have nights where I need picked up after a rough day. Both my mom and my sister invite me over for dinner at times so I can have some social interaction and something other than a turkey sandwich and some carrots. Mom and Jen will do anything they can for me.

"Old Grandma" and Raegan.

“Old Grandma” and Raegan.

It is no doubt that they both learned these things from my grandmother. At 86 years old, Grandma still has the whole family over for lunch nearly every Sunday after church. Grandma also sends greeting cards out to just about anyone she can. I get cards around every holiday, and I even get “Just Because” cards because she’s thinking of my or appreciates the things I do.

I am so blessed with the women that are in my life and the Godly lives they live. Whoever ends up being my “special someone” someday has got quite the standard to measure up to.

I love you, Mom. I love you, Jen. I love you, Grandma. I hope I did a better job this time around.

Adelee and Jen

Adelee and Jen

Mom and Grady

Mom and Grady

Mom and Jen at Jen's Graduation

Mom and Jen at Jen’s Graduation

"Old Grandma" loves baby Raegan.

“Old Grandma” loves baby Raegan.

Grandma and I rockin' our iPads

Grandma and I rockin’ our iPads

Thanks for reading,
Jon Cole

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